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For Life. Still.

On this anniversary of Roe v. Wade, when emotions run high, it seems an important time to re-post this piece i wrote awhile ago. What has happened to the elusive ‘middle road,’ that place from which people of differing views can see another side, and engage in valuable discussion and discernment to approach difficult topics? […]

Another Dream

Holy smokes. I am just getting around to reading Jimmy Carter’s piece about gender inequality in the church. If you haven’t read it yet, please do so today. Even if it feels like preaching to the choir in some of our circles, he speaks far more eloquently and broadly the truth that so many of […]

50 Shades of “Seriously?”

Speaking of porn… (yes, we were. yesterday, remember?) Alright, you know i’m all for equality. Most porn is made and marketed for (and by) men. So, maybe we should count this as one more industry where we’d like to see women represented in leadership (and not just, you know, on camera). Before you holler at […]

For Life

I mean… way to say it out loud, Mr. Akin. Your ignorance may be astounding–horrific, even–but you are teaching us a valuable lesson. The moral of the story is–this is what single-issue voting will get you. I’m one of many, many people of faith in this country: who are pro-choice, but anti-abortion. If you think […]

A Glimpse of Things to Come

AZ summer + small children means rising in the 5-5:30AM range with the sun. If you are a parent who does anything with your kid at that hour other than turn on the t.v.–then you’re a liar. The other day i turned on the last few minutes of a “Full House” rerun, before “Max and […]