desert life

Goodness and Truth

It was that lovely week of Christmas when utterly NOTHING happens at church, and we clergy types can lounge in our sweats for days on end, in recovery from the high holy days. Christmas had fallen in that same week of blessed cool weather that the desert gets, just every now in then, when the sun is still shining […]

Failure to Adapt

our mainline churches are dying from this ‘failure to adapt’ that we see in the garment world, and even within our own bodies. For so long, regardless of how the landscape changes, regardless of imminent shifts in the wind and weather, many of the congregations we know and love cling like death to the known world…and then wonder at the startling statistics that show how many people are leaving the church and never coming back. From the empowerment of women to the inclusion of LGBT folks; from the ways that we worship to the ways we invite people; from death-by-committee to death-by-over-programming–we often refuse to acknowledge that the stuff we have on our shelves bears no reflection on the climate beyond our walls.

Like Frosty Said… the Sun Was Hot That Day

I think i say this, or something like it, every year of the world. But, here it is again: It is really, really hard to get into Advent and Christmas mode when it is 80-degrees and sunny outside. There’s something just downright apocolyptic about driving down a scenic desert highway, with gorgeous views and sunshine, […]

til by Turning, Turning, We Come ‘Round Right

Spoiler alert: if you are coming to Foothills for worship tomorrow and you want to be surprised, wait and read this on Monday. Over six years ago, when i first walked into the sanctuary at Foothills, what i saw with my eye and what i saw with my heart were two different things. My eye saw […]

Practicing Gratitude

I’ve gotta say… for all the junk and crazy-making stuff that floats around on facebook, i’m finding the daily ‘thankful’ posts a blessed relief. In case you haven’t noticed–many people challenge themselves, during the month of November, to give thanks for something every day of the month.  People share their gratitude for everything from health and family […]

Scattered and Sown

So this farmer went out with a bunch of seeds. And he scattered them far and wide. Some fell on the road, so the road runners ate them. Some fell on the red rock; those seeds sprouted quickly, but their roots didn’t go very deep. The saplings whithered and died in the blazing sun, and the […]

Scent of the Sacred

Best smells for the soul: fresh lavender. or basil. cut christmas tree. my favorite leather jacket. library books. my kids, just out of the bath. laundry. an old church fellowship hall. morning coffee. my husband’s t-shirt. just-blown-out birthday candles. honeysuckle in the kentucky springtime. rain in the desert, anytime. onions cooking in olive oil. bread […]