Lent and Easter

Songs from the Wilderness

I spent the morning of Good Friday roaming about in the desert with my dog. If you ask me, the desert is the only place to spend this day–literal or elsewise. Last year I wrote a piece about the proper sound track for Holy Week, and this year, the good folks over at The Salt […]

A Sacred Discomfort

Doing some stretches. Carbo-loading (translation: stress eating lots of chocolate and white bread). Having some extra coffee. Trying to ignore the beginnings of canker sores that will be nasty and painful in a few days’ time. It’s Holy Week, y’all. It occurred to me, in looking at my calendar for the week, I don’t have […]

A Handful of Change

Recession, re-shmession. I know it’s tough out there. I know people have lost jobs and healthcare coverage. I know firsthand that, practically overnight, some of our homes were suddenly worth nothing. Not even what we spent on new landscaping. I know that people have been displaced, heartbroken, cheated, and kicked around in general by the […]

The Business of Babies: A shopping list, a Lent reflection, and a bit of a memoir…

I recently cleared my house of ALOT of baby and kid stuff; not just outgrown clothes, but bouncers, extra strollers, baby seats and… on and on. Which caused me to reflect on how much of the stuff had actually been useful, and how much had just been in the way. Don’t be fooled–babies are a business.  […]


My house rule for cooking: “That’s not burned. It’s carmelized!” I really, really hate a big ol hunk of raw onion. Period. I don’t care if it’s in a fresh, beautiful salad, or gracing a perfect burger just off the grill, or garnishing a summer farmer’s market feast. A raw onion can ruin anything. A […]

A Primer for New Life: Painting Over Pastels

…it is time to get rid of the 16-year-old carpet. Because ultimately, at that point the place is alive and breathing, and the house itself has to say so. It’s not so much that we CAN afford to do these things…it’s that, there comes a time when we can no longer afford not to.

Road-Trippy Soul Food

I know, I  know, it’s been almost 2 weeks since I’ve written anything. Nearly a week since I’ve had any real exercise. Several days since I spent any real time in prayerful meditation. But I am being faithful in at least one discipline this Lenten season–no fast food!  Since breakfast is the hardest time of […]