S*^! Jesus Says

$*^! Jesus Says: Wedding Edition

in a dark and broken and messed up world, people who still seek the salvation of human connection are brave enough and bold enough to deserve something spectacular.


Unto Others

I’m preaching on the Golden Rule this Sunday. Total snooze, right? It seems like the very heart of simplicity. Otherwise known as the ‘ethic of reciprocity,’ there is an equivalent of this directive in every faith tradition in the history of the world. And yet, the notion of treating others as we’d like to be […]

On Doing, and Being Done

Sometimes, our addiction to that two-letter word–DO–is, in fact, the very thing standing in the way of The Holy Spirit “doing a work.” Not THE work. A work.

S*^! Jesus Says: The Missionary Edition

“Good afternoon. My name is **Jane** and I’m with **Betterthanyou** ministries. I was wondering if you’d like to meet with one of our missionaries and learn more about how to share the gospel of Jesus with our Jewish brothers and sisters?” Oh, girlfriend. You are barking up the wrong cactus… And THIS is why i […]

More S*^! Jesus Says

I’m working/praying/stumbling my way through a sermon series on the Beatitudes, otherwise known at my place as S*^! Jesus Says. In getting to the heart of these simple yet soul-shifting imperatives, I find it helpful to start with that which Jesus did not say: So, for week 2, S*^! Jesus Did Not Say: —Blessed are […]

S*^! Jesus Says… Or Doesn’t

I just dropped a book, picked it up, and then proceeded to trip over a bike rack, all in a span of about 7 seconds. And all in public, of course. Yesterday, I got my calendar wires crossed and missed a meeting with someone who drove nearly an hour to see me. Also, I spent […]