This is Us

I live in Phoenix. A vast, irrigated, and air-conditioned desert. When I moved here from lush, green, multi-layered Kentucky, I was in awe at this new landscape. Years later and that has not changed. Yes the heat is miserable, the backyards are tiny and dry, it’s hard to know the neighbors and it turns out the Bible Belt runs allllll the way to the west coast, after all. But for all that, there is something deeply spiritual and profound about the terrain.

Not that Kentucky wasn’t spiritual and profound in it’s own way… in my blog i’ll write about the spiritual landscape of Appalachia, the sonoran mountains, and everything in between. But really it’s more about the places in which we live and work every day. Faith is an adventure, every bit as exciting as a move “out west.” However, the faith journey is constant and abiding, always evolving and shaping who we are. It doesn’t happen in a few pivotal moments that we get only once or twice in a lifetime.

That’s why I write about parenting, driving, cooking, music, travel, marriage, work… and whatever else you might come across. These are the things that feed us and move us, the places where we find God, and the little moments that add up to a lifetime of adventure. I am a Christian minister, but this blog is not all about Jesus. It is about the everyday sacred, and the joy to be found on the way to wherever you are.

And if you do want to explore a little of the Jesus terrain while you’re here, follow this link to Foothills Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) where I’m the senior pastor. www.foothillsdisciples.com

All content, and the Irreverin brand (ha ha) is the intellectual property of Erin Wathen. Feel free to quote and distribute with attribution.

©Erin Wathen, 2012


10 comments on “This is Us

  1. Happy Easter!

  2. like your blog, e. i’ve considered starting one myself. you inspire me, as always!

  3. You have such a gift with words that I know that ‘someone’ had a hand in leading me your way. Thank you for sharing your soul and putting it all out there. It is truely refreshing.

  4. Glad to make yur acquaintance. I always like to “meet” fellow Phoenix bloggers. A couple months ago you left a comment on my FP blog post and I am, just now, getting around to visiting the blogs of my nice commenters. Thank you.

  5. It’s nice to “meet” you. I’m a Kentuckian as well though braving the cold of Minnesota now.

  6. That a great blog you have here, Erin!

  7. Thanks you for showing a balanced Christian worldview. Although, I no longer profess the Christian faith, it is wonderful to read a balanced and thoughtful blog in this day of radical fundamentalism that has crept into the church I loved.

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