Come on Over

Constant reader… (the Stephen King nerds just self-identified): i started this blog several years ago to make a little sense of my own life and faith journey. I was a Kentucky person living in the wilderness; i was learning what it meant to be the pastor of a church, and not just ‘a’ pastor, in […]

Out of Joint

I hesitate to say this out loud and jinx myself so–knock on wood, or stucco, or whatever’s handy but–i have not been sick in over a year. Not even a cold or a 24-hour stomach thing. No sinus infection, which i used to get chronically, no upper-respiratory gunk, nothing. I’m not sure what i’ve done […]

The “Yes”es Have It

I spent the weekend at a mountain camp/retreat center with other church leaders from around Arizona. If you’ve ever been to this sort of thing, you’ll know that it involved a lot of ‘sharing;’ a lot of coffee; some dancing, silliness and general hilarity; and group-building activities involving things like rope, pvc pipe, and blue plastic tarps. (yes, we have […]

Cold News

The Phoenix area news last night was hilarious. Temperatures were to drop down in the THIRTIES overnight, and desert folk were losing their mind. I realize that if you are living through a Midwest winter, or a Plains-state winter–or pretty much any other winter that is actually winter–lows in the 30s with highs in the […]

In Church, at Christmastime

The phone is ringing off the hook, The sanctuary’s hard to book. Yes it’s clean–dare you to look– In church, at Christmastime.   One hard-working secretary Is a little tried and harried. Under bulletin notes, she’s buried, In church, at Christmastime.   The kids are plenty sugar wired, the moms all look a little tired, […]

In the Bleak Midwinter

What Are You Waiting For? We have two choices; we are either waiting for death, or we are waiting for life. We can stockpile our weapons, or we can sing into the darkness. We can live in fear of our neighbor and cling more tightly to our stuff, our answers, our ‘rights.’ Or, we can […]

Fresh Batch of Good News

I love to veg out with a magazine. Doesn’t really matter what kind, just something brainless that i can scan through without giving it much attention. This time of year, I especially love the nov/dec issues of women’s magazines. For better or worse, lots of recipes, pretty pictures, and holiday inspiration. (crafty things i will […]