something i wrote last weekend in Prescott. remembering that sacred space today, here in the valley, where it will soon be 105 in the shade… 5:16 That magic mountain minute when fall comes whispering around the edges. Chased up from the valley by unrelenting sun, and shimmering waves of summer, the cool comes creeping and […]

Day 2.5; New Mexico

Continuing with my English Major Diet, wherein the narrative matters as much as the food… Like i was saying yesterday, hard to believe that i had 2 of the best meals ever on the same day, but travel is like that sometimes. Of course, travel food is hit or miss. It can be the best […]

The English Major Diet: Day 1

Alright, y’all. It is ON. As I’ve mentioned before, the breastfeeding diet was good to me for nearly 2 years of my life, (though they were not consecutive years) meaning I ate whatever I wanted and still lost the baby weight. And then lost a little extra. The pregnancy diet–also a considerable portion of the last few years of […]

Mistress of My Own Domain

Well…I didn’t mean to take a month-long hiatus from blogging, but sometimes, life happens. Thing is, writing is alot like exercise. What begins as, say, a week-long break turns into a month and then 6 months before you know it…because both writing and movement that demand this thing called momentum… and well, once you’ve lost it, […]

Girls Run the World

This is where tv and motherhood just evolved in a single scene, folks. You might have missed it because you were too busy laughing and saying “Oh, that is SO my life!” but what just happened here was huge. What just happened was, the charicatures of motherhood that have been pitted against each other since the 70s, just demolished a *^$&#@ stroller together, and bonded over it. In about 5 sitcom seconds, the world shifted. The funny girl of our youth just embodied what some of us have been screaming for years… it is hard enough being a mom without having to justify our choices to other women. Ultimately [because Ava hates the phrase “at the end of the day” just as much as I do] women have more power when they stick together. Ultimately, we all need help kicking that stroller’s ass, and we all need some other women to just go get drinks with. Even if it is Kayla’s passive aggressive mom.

Dis-what now?

Yikes. You know it’s been too long since you’ve blogged when you can’t remember your dadgum password. My profile does not remember me, either. The whole thing is moving slowly. For that matter, so am I. Discipline. What a gross word. Free association…go!  I’m betting the first words that come into your head are things […]