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Those Guys are Awesome

Thanks be to God, it isn’t all on me to make or break the work of Christ in the world. But let this story remind each of us, who claim faith in Jesus and service to God, that much is riding on our behavior. Every word we speak, every move we make, every check that we sign, someone is watching for us to prove or disprove their assumptions about us. It might not be fair, but it is absolutely what we signed up for.


Your Jesus looks like a frat guy…

He’s a pastor, right? With a following of thousands? Maybe HuNDREDS of thousands? Is his faith so insecure, so fragile, that he needs it written into the constitution and affirmed by the Supreme Court? I find that troubling.

Louder and Less Polite

It is not news that people are leaving the Christian faith. Or that, increasingly, they were never a part of it. The staggering numbers of people that identify themselves as atheist, agnostic, or “spiritual but not religious” have us career Jesus people in a panic. Will there still be a community of faith in 20 […]

Why “Stay-Home-Dad” and “Mr Mom” are Not the Same Thing

Well. If I thought that telling people I was a minister could elicit a “does-not-compute” expression, imagine the gazes that accompany the latest addendum to the conversation: “…and what does your husband do?” “well, he recently quit his job to stay home with the kids.” buzzing, clicking, whirring noises. Still processing the chick-preacher component… “Oh, […]