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The Risk of Relationship

A follow-up to yesterday’s discussion re: “Moral Compromise.”  We are talking about the beginnings of transformation. The sharing of real stories, real relationships; engaging open discourse and genuine interest in those we mark as ‘other.’  Time and again we find that once an ‘opinion’ or an ‘issue’ becomes about a real live person, everything changes. That truth goes both ways. […]

If You’re Still Saying “Lifestyle,” We’ve Still Got a Problem…

Music, diet, geography, recreation, spending habits, technology, wardrobe, living space…This is a lifestyle. And each of us can choose a combination of things that give us life, or enter into a pattern that slowly drains us of all goodness and hope. We choose our paths every day.
Whether you love boys or girls has nothing to do with a ‘style’ of living. You are thinking of the home and garden section of Southern Living.

Confession: Progressive Christians Love the Bible, Too

It occurs to me that I should never be famous. Not that i was ever in much danger of that…i’m just thinking that i should avoid it at all costs now, because I am still experiencing ‘feedback fatigue’ from the discussion about amendment 1 the other day. I usually get a handful of readers, mostly […]

Yes, AND: The Gospel of Tina Fey for Congregational Transformation

It’s been about 6 months now since Foothills adopted an “Open and Affirming” mission.  As we close in on Easter, I’m reflecting on how it’s changed us, and also, the truths of transformation that we learned along the way.  As ever, Tina Fey preaches it better than me. According to the gospel of Tina Fey, “the […]