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Those Guys are Awesome

Thanks be to God, it isn’t all on me to make or break the work of Christ in the world. But let this story remind each of us, who claim faith in Jesus and service to God, that much is riding on our behavior. Every word we speak, every move we make, every check that we sign, someone is watching for us to prove or disprove their assumptions about us. It might not be fair, but it is absolutely what we signed up for.


The Rhythms of Grace

Last week, I signed my 4-year-old daughter up for her first dance class. !!  I bought tights and leotards, and she’s been wearing them around the house for weeks now. I’m trying to teach her the grande jette. Because, you know, it is always preferable to begin the (beginner, toddler, community center) class from a […]

Go and See

God comes wherever we are: even if we’ve failed to pray the right prayer; even if our gift list and baking duties are unfinished; even if social media got the better of us, and we spent the season in a bitter sniping match over politics, religion, or some unholy combination thereof; even if we are not quite ready, and not quite worthy of the ‘nice’ list; a child is born to us.

Cut and Paste

I’ve had a startling revelation–I’m conservative. At least, the elements of my life reflect conservative values. I am married to a partner of opposite sex. He is my first spouse, and the father of both our children. We have 2.5 kids–meaning, two kids and a really sweet dog. We have very little debt. Heck, we […]

In the End, There’s Cake

My kids have birthdays this week. They will be 2 and 4. And while I know this is where I’m supposed to say “I can’t believe how fast they’re growing up!” what I really think is, I can’t remember a time when they weren’t around. In many ways, they’ve been with me forever. The almost […]

The One Where I’m the Grownup

Find a person who is good at what they do, and ask them a simple question: who shaped you for this? I’m willing to bet that the person you’re talking to is more than ready with a litany of people who helped mold them for leadership. Whether their career path is ministry, teaching, business, art, media, […]

For Life

I mean… way to say it out loud, Mr. Akin. Your ignorance may be astounding–horrific, even–but you are teaching us a valuable lesson. The moral of the story is–this is what single-issue voting will get you. I’m one of many, many people of faith in this country: who are pro-choice, but anti-abortion. If you think […]