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For Life. Still.

On this anniversary of Roe v. Wade, when emotions run high, it seems an important time to re-post this piece i wrote awhile ago. What has happened to the elusive ‘middle road,’ that place from which people of differing views can see another side, and engage in valuable discussion and discernment to approach difficult topics? […]

How God Gets Stuff Done

It seems Mr Mourdock didn’t get the message–that when God wants to get something done, and there is no penis in the room, $*^! still manages to get done. There was this whole virgin birth thing that maybe he didn’t hear about. But hey, Christmas is coming! Maybe somebody will tell him…Somebody tell him the story of how no male body parts were required to bring the Son of Man into the world.

For Life

I mean… way to say it out loud, Mr. Akin. Your ignorance may be astounding–horrific, even–but you are teaching us a valuable lesson. The moral of the story is–this is what single-issue voting will get you. I’m one of many, many people of faith in this country: who are pro-choice, but anti-abortion. If you think […]

Real Housewives and Food Challenges

There are very few things in the world that are black and white to me. Wherein I am comfortable saying “this is ALWAYS right,” or “this is NEVER ok.” For instance, I am a pretty steady liberal on most things, but I don’t have a clear line on abortion. I take issue with both sides […]