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Come on Over

Constant reader… (the Stephen King nerds just self-identified):

i started this blog several years ago to make a little sense of my own life and faith journey. I was a Kentucky person living in the wilderness; i was learning what it meant to be the pastor of a church, and not just ‘a’ pastor, in the general sense of the word. I was about to start a family. I was missing home, and loving my new place. And i was learning that what the Church was selling, our neighbors weren’t buying.

There is nothing like writing to help you learn a new language–and I found that i was learning was a new language of faith. It was an evolutionary sort of thing as i found my pastoral voice, got to know the community i was serving, and grew my own family all at the same time. And as I wrote and wrestled, I realized that my journey was not so unique. There were, in fact, all kinds of people out there struggling to somehow ‘save’ a failing institution, and/or to find a deeper meaning and purpose in the life of faith.

As of this week, I have a new ‘home base’ for engaging this discussion. We (and by ‘we,’ i mean y’all) are moving over to Patheos. This is an exciting opportunity to connect with even more people–of diverse belief and background–on this journey to seek the sacred.

Patheos is a network of faith-based writers and speakers.  The forum exists to ‘host the conversation.’ And folks…there’s never been a more important time to be having this conversation. As fractured and fearful as the world is right now, we need to take every opportunity to seek something holy in our midst, and to walk alongside folks who are different from us along the way. Over at the new place, you’ll find pieces from folks who are other ‘brands’ of Christian, as well as Muslim, Buddist, Jewish, Atheists, “Spiritual but Not Religious,” and well…pretty much everybody. All engaging in thoughtful, compassionate discourse about how we can all live together in the world, and maybe even save it from itself.

I’m so grateful for your support and encouragement, and i hope you’ll come on over to my new site and subscribe there. Like, today. Bring friends, too. I look forward to meeting them, and to writing about whatever the changing world throws at us tomorrow. Blessings, and I’ll see you on the other side!




One comment on “Come on Over

  1. Congrats!! All the cool people are at Patheos – you’ll be in GREAT company!!

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