Advent Reflection: Week 1, Day 1

A Waiting Hymn  (tune: Greensleeves)

Show us the way to Bethlehm, O Prophet you have spoken.  

You listened in the darkest night, God’s silence now is broken.


Show us the way to Bethlehem, God’s chosen mother, Mary.

With you we wait with joy to see the miracle you carry.


Show us the way to Bethlehem, you Shepherds in your wonder.

Your star, a sign that joy has come, and evil lies asunder.


Show us the way to Bethlehem, all you who know this story.

The wilderness behind us now, we see God’s waking glory.


Teach, teach us how to wait, for secrets in God’s keeping.

Lead, lead us to the place, where God, the child, lies sleeping.

photo cred, Larry-Ratt via flickr

**Feel free to use in worship. Just give me cred for the lyrics. Thanks!


5 comments on “Advent Reflection: Week 1, Day 1

  1. Erin, this is beautiful!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. A good beginning for Advent 🙂

  3. First, I like it because it feels like a Christmas carol and we are allowed to sing it before the rest of the world is done with Christmas.

    Second, is the difficulty waiting that you address in the song a new thing? I ask because I think maybe it is. So much of what we see as modern problems are just problems. They only seem modern because we are living them now, but they aren’t new. I wonder if we live in an era that is uniquely impatient.

  4. This is AWESOME, Erin! Hope to use it at Crestwood…

  5. Great job, Erin. Thanks for sharing!

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