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A Little Bit Red…

“Why is it that every time we go to southern California, we are absolutely the Clampets?!”  A personal favorite Bartlett-ism from The West Wing gospel files. President Bartlett and his staff have travelled to California, where they need to really impress some people who could help them get re-elected, and calimity ensues. Ultimately, his personal aid and his White House Communications Director get into a bar fight and wind up in jail.

Thinking of that moment as I wonder: Why is it that, whenever southerners–especially religious southerners–make the news, they are absolutely the Clampets?! I am from Kentucky, so I can get red when the need arises. (If you don’t know what that means 1- i can’t explain it to you and 2-you will probably have to learn the hard way some day. Appalachian Lexicon in progress.) But I know how to assert this area of my heritage and being in appropriate context. I claim it with pride. However, appropriate context never makes the news. What makes the news is to follow…

I’m going to share two stories here with some striking paralels. Not making any comment on either of them, except that I read one yesterday and it made me think of the other immediately. One of these stories is true, and one is comedic satire. Also, one of them has some gospel value, and the other is just absolutely the Clampets Go To Worship. 

So, read the story; watch the video; draw your own parellels and find your own little gospel moments. But most importantly–be nice to your Ministers of Music. And if you live in the south, always dress for adventure when you head to church of a Sunday. 

First, the Clampet’s Absolute Worship Experience–click here: http://blog.al.com/live/2011/08/mobile_county_sheriffs_office_8.html

Then head on over to Pascagoula for a revival…


One comment on “A Little Bit Red…

  1. I read this the other night and thought it was hysterical. I know that all the soon to be comments will be profound but I see a great message for ministers. You don’t always listen to your deacons without using a little common sense and still doing what you believe to be the best!

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